In the theme of “New Growth Drivers·New Opportu-nities”, focusing on major historical opportunities such as the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the planning and construction of Xiong’an New Area, the preparation for 2022 Winter Olympics.

Video conference room is set up in Langfang, in whi-ch leaders and speakers can attend the meeting by mea-ns of on-site participation, video connection, video play-back, and etc. The audience can watch live broadcast and video playback on “5·18” official website or cooperative platforms.

Each thematic matchmaking seminar, according to the meeting content and guests invitation situation, will separately organizes the branch venue out of the provi-nce, adopts the multi-party video conference pattern to carry on the interactive exchange negotiation.

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  • Airport Economy Industry Exhibition
  • Winter Olympic Ice and Snow Industry Exhibition
  • Hebei Advanced Manufacturing Industry Exhibition
  • Xiong'an New Area Exhibition
  • Quality Agricultural Products and Machinery Exhibition
  • Hebei International Sister Cities (Provinces, States) Exhibition
  • Intelligent Industrial Products Exhibition
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Aero Engine Corporation Of China Beijing
Sheng Chen Urban Congstruction Development Co.,Ltd. Langfang
Yongding River Investent CO.,LTD. Beijing
Langfang ENN Energy Co.,Ltd. Langfang
Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Tianjin
Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co. , Ltd. Beijing
Reignwood airlines group Beijing
China Eastern airline shanghai
Shanxi Shengmeike Technology Co. , Ltd. shanxi
Xiamen Airlines fujian
Hebei Airlines Co. , Ltd. shijiazhang
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. xuanhua
Brief Introduction to HD Zhangjiakou
Brief introduction to the zhangjiakou JX sports corp zhangjiakou
MND Group Beijing
Xuanhua Hongda Metallurgical Machinery Co.,Ltd zhangjiakou
Carving Ski zhangjiakou
Company profile of TAZK zhangjiakou
Trigold Manufacture Co, .Ltd guangzhou
Enterprise brief introduction zhangjiakou
Beijing Lida Teng Snow Sports Goods Co., Ltd. zhangjiakou
Beijing ZUMSUN Ropeway Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd Beijing
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Alibaba Group langfang
Handan Steel Company of Hegang Group Handan
Hebei Dingkun Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Dingzhou
Hebei Dilong Iot Technology Development Co. , Ltd. Shijiazhuang
Innovita Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Tangshan
Tangshan Shengxiang Trading Co., Ltd. Tangshan
Tangshan Longchang Ceramics Co., Ltd. Tangshan
Tangshan BOYU Osseous Ceramic Co.,Ltd. Tangshan
CECEP(Tangshan)Environmental Equipment Co.,Ltd. Tangshan
Tangshan Yate Special Vehicles Co.,Ltd. Tangshan
Tangshan Huayang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Tangshan
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Guanglianda Technology Co. , Ltd. 北京
Zhejiang University zhejiang
Enlightenment Holding Co. , Ltd. Beijing
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Airen Juice (Hebei Airen Juice Co., Ltd.) Xinji
Malan Farm (Xinji Malan Farm) Xinji
Xiangnong Fruits Xinji
Cuiwang Fruits (Xinji Cuiwang Fruits Co., Ltd.) Xinji
New Hope Piggery Xinji
Hebei Jinsha River Surface Industry Group Co. , Ltd. xingtai
Founded in 1950, Hebei Chengde LoLo Co., Ltd. Chengde
Hebei Qimei Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Xinji
Chen Guang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. Chengde
Xuechuan Food Hebei Co. , Ltd. Zhangjiakou
A Brief Introduction of Hebei Baoding Huaimao Co., Ltd. baoding
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Exhibitors Provinces and Municipalities
Beijing Zhiyinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing
Fugro Pacifica Qinhuangdao Co., Ltd qinhuangdao
Huizhong Instrument Co., Ltd. tangshan
Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. shenzhen
Langfang Yundong Network Technology Co., Ltd., langfang
Millward Tech Group Beijing
Hebei Paddy Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd shijiazhuang
Heibei Heide Ruida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, cangzhou
Hebei Sanjin Network Technology Co., Ltd. langfang
Hebei Saitron Information Technology Co., Ltd cangzhou
  • 2020

    China(Langfang)International Economic and Trade Fair 2020

  • 2019

    China(Langfang)International Economic and Trade Fair 2019

  • 2018

    China(Langfang)International Economic and Trade Fair 2018

  • 2017

    China(Langfang)International Economic and Trade Fair 2017

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