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Beijing Zhiying Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is co-founded by senior executives and senior experts in IT and unmanned aerial vehicle fields. IT is mainly committed to the research and development, production, sales of civil unmanned aerial vehicle systems, as a high-tech enterprise providing services and unmanned aerial vehicle driver training business, Zhiying Association is also an officially authorized industry program integrator of DJI Dajiang, achieving strategic cooperation partners of Dajiang's close innovation and providing customers with perfect industry application solutions. With years of technical accumulation in the UAV industry, combined with the experience of product design and industrial manufacturing in the IT field, a group of senior talents in the current domestic UAV field are gathered, with strong technical force, it is committed to providing customers with convenient and easy-to-use industrial-class unmanned aerial vehicles and innovative consumer-class unmanned aerial vehicles. It is a provider of unmanned aerial vehicles software and hardware and comprehensive services. At the same time, Zhiying will have mature and systematic solutions in many fields such as intelligent forestry, power line inspection, traffic command, road and bridge monitoring, three-dimensional terrain, intelligent city, disaster assessment, etc! Our development is accelerating and our pace is becoming more stable! Because we know that Zhiying will need more powerful partners! Go hand in hand and go hand in hand, and go to glory together in this golden age of unmanned aerial vehicles!



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