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Academy of Financial Research,Zhejiang Province(AFR) was founded in 2010. Oriented to scientific researches and initiated by Zhejiang University, the academy has integrated itself into policy, industry, study and research, and practice, under the shared support of the University and the province. Hand in hand with the times, AFR also carries with the Chinese characteristics and those of the province, with targets on the International academic front field and major national strategies. In response to the front field of international academia, and major policies of the state, AFR is guided to serve regional innovation and development in finance sector and markets (capital markets). Featured by regional development and molded to be open and specialized, the Academy has extensively drawn academic strengths from Zhejiang University, and those inbound and outbound. AFR was awarded"Top 10 Research Institution of Zhejiang University" and won the first batch of "key cultivation think tanks in Zhejiang Province" in 2018.

AFR has a pool of over 60 researchers, with 28 full-time members. The group has undertaken Development Planning for Financial Industry in Zhejiang (2015-2020) and Financial Bay Research for Qiantang River, which are crucial for Zhejiang province to make the policies. Yearly work has been done in response to the financial office of Zhejiang. Also, “Key Projects on Regional Financial Development” have been set up. Furthermore, experts have been organized for over 50 periods of Essential Reports on Consulting by AFR, among which, many by Professor SHI Jinchuan and Professor JIN Xuejun have been commented by leaders of the provincial governments and state bodies. Annual edition, Report on Financial Development of Zhejiang (Blue Book) by AFR has been the authoritative reference for the overall situation of finance in Zhejiang and for regional reform in the financial sector. 



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