A Brief Introduction of Hebei Baoding Huaimao Co., Ltd. NO.:00

A Brief Introduction of Hebei Baoding Huaimao Co., Ltd.

Hebei Baoding Huaimao Co., Ltd., formerly known as Baoding Huaimao pickle factory, is a large state-owned condiment enterprise with a history of more than 300 years. At present, the company mainly has four series of products: Huaimao pickle, sweet sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, which enjoy high reputation in China.

 As one of the three treasures of Baoding, Huaimao sweet sauce was made based on the advantaged high-quality water resource  named Yi-mu Quan Rvier, was inherited the essence of traditional production technology, and combined with modern science and technology. Using the unique processing technology, the products were rich in sauce flavor and palatable salty sweetness. The Huaimao soy sauce and vinegar series products have their merits in quality and flavor, and were highly appreciated by the people from all walks of life.








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