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Back to 1999, in order to produce organic products, Hebei Qimei Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which was formed on a pollution-free sandy wasteland, has established the tenet of Qimei that “ Food safety is our responsibility; Environmental protection is our mission.”, aiming to forming Qimei’s organic whole industry chain company. As the national level leading enterprises of agricultural industry , In 2008, Qimei became an official vegetable supplier of Beijing Olympic Games. The farms have been certified organic by the USDA, Europe EU, Canada COR, Japan JAS, China OFDC. The factories also have BRC , Kosher, HACCP, and ISO 9001 and 22000 Certified .

Qimei is a multinational corporation with global market. The products of the company including 116 species of 5 categories (fresh, quick-freeze, freeze-dry, cereals, and poultry/egg) and are exported to 37 countries and areas. The new Organic Product Processing Zone of Qimei will lead 150,000 farmers utilize 650,000 mu of farmland to grow organic products, with  annual production of 390,000 tons for worldwide consumers.





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