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Hebei Dingkun Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. is the only company in Hebei Province to operate the inheritance and promotion of the cultural heritage of the city. With k 'o-ssu family wang k 'o-ssu Seventh Generation Wang Pengwei as the flag bearer, lead the company design and weaving k 'o-ssu works, study how to make the one thousand ancient art live in the present moment, constantly explore innovative, will k 'o-ssu this traditional handicraft has injected new vigor and vitality, to create a high-end niche products, not only retained the traditional style, but also combines the traditional ancient art culture and fashion.



Contact:Wang Pengwei

Phone :13833058950

Address:Dingzhou, Hebei,P.R.China.



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Hebei Exhibition Promotion Center

Address:334 Heping West Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

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