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Hebei Xiong'an Fairsky Biotechnology Environment Development CO.,LTD. is a high-tech innovative enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. It mainly develops and produces 100% natural plant source new compound enzyme series products, which are very friendly to people and the environment, non-toxic and harmless, efficient and environmentally friendly. The main functions of the product include deodorization, air purification, sterilization, bacteriostasis, etc. the application fields include human settlement purification, formaldehyde and decoration pollution control, daily chemical cleaning, pet deodorization cleaning, environmental protection / industrial deodorization, agricultural income increase and insect repellent, etc. Incubate its own brands "FAISKY" and "FUSAIFU", and open up various forms of cooperation, such as raw material supply, finished product sales, OEM / ODM, project development, etc.



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