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Wuxi Phaeton Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the domestic gas application system manufacturing plant. It is a professional gas application system company integrating gas equipment design and manufacturing, engineering general contracting and investment, gas investment and management, and import and export trade. In the early days of Wuxi Phaeton's establishment, its products were designed to support major multinational cryogenic equipment companies in the domestic and international markets. With the gradual expansion of production capacity, it is used in large quantities throughout the country. It is the designated supplier of the following world-class companies: BP, SHELL, CIBA, BASF, GE, SIEMENS, BOE, LG, TOYOTA, SONY, BASF, NESTLE, AIR LIQUIDE , APCI, BOC, PRAXAIR, LINDE, MESSER, Hangyang Group, Xinjiang Guanghui, ENN Gas, China Gas, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other well-known companies.




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