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Qinhuangdao Hengye Vegetable Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, and acquired more than 28000 tons of ginger and other vegetables in 2007. The products are exported to domestic and foreign countries. The company mainly deals with the production, storage, initial processing, sales and deep processing of ginger. It has three kinds of products, namely fresh keeping, quick freezing and deep processing.

The company has a professional cooperative of Hengye vegetable production and marketing in Funing County, with more than 1000 members, and the national registered planting area of 3000 mu, and annual output of ginger of 18000 tons. In order to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials, the company conducts guidance and management from the source, and has signed a long-term strategic cooperation with Qinhuangdao import and export inspection and quarantine center to carry out prenatal, mid and post natal storage, processing Sales all-round w-line detection.



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