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CITIC Dicastal Co.,Ltd., set up by CITIC Group in 1988, is the first aluminum wheel manufacturer in mainland China. After 32 years of development, it has become the biggest part supplier of aluminum wheel and aluminum chassis in the world and one of the most prosperous manufacturers in CITIC Group. In 2011, Dicastal 100% acquired German KSM Casting Group and started its diversified development since then. it ranked 65th in the list of 2018 top 100 global OEM auto part suppliers.

CITIC Dicastal is the only wheel manufacturer which can provide synchronous development together with the top twelve car manufacturers in the world. 

CITIC Dicastal is the only manufacturer capable to provide all surface states of aluminum alloy wheels.

CITIC Dicastal is the only manufacturer capable to provide three molding processes including casting, forging and spinning.

Main business: 

aluminum alloy wheel, automotive aluminum castings, equipment manufacturing, mold manufacturing, products surface engineering. 



Contact:Liu Lihua    Zhu Wentao

Phone : 13603358784;13315363489

Address: 185 Longhai Ave.,Qinhuangdao Economic&Technological Development Zone,HeBei,P.R.China.



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