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Hebei Champion Target Technology Co. Ltd. (CTT) was founded in November, 2017, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sale of high-end magnetron sputtering targets. The R&D center and plant is located in Xinji Economical-Technological Development Zone in Xinji, Hebei province.

CTT Co. Ltd. has an experienced and professional technical & management team. We are one of the 20 National Demonstration Bases of industrial research and development. CTT is a high-tech enterprise developed by the government and a key development project in Hebei province. CTT develops, produces and sells high-end magnetron sputtering targets and we also provide professional target bonding service. Our feature products include high purity metal sputtering targets, plasma sprayed high purity metal and ceramic sputtering targets, powder metallurgical produced high purity metal and ceramic targets, etc. Large size rotary and planar target are our superior products.



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Address: Intersection of Xingye Street and Torch Road, Xinji Economic and Technological Development Zones, Hebei Province





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