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Founded in 2007, Hebei Kingston Technology Co., Ltd. is an environment-friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of high-speed bearings, dynamic pressure air bearings and high-speed fluid machinery.

In order to further expand the electric air compressor products application field, conduct business, better for the hydrogen field company was founded in 2020 in hebei Kingston new energy technology co., LTD., Kingston, new energy company in electric air compressor products as the carrier, is committed to provide users with has technology advanced, high efficiency and energy saving, high quality air compressor products and quality services.

With many years of technical accumulation in the air bearing and high-speed fluid machinery industry, our company developed the fuel cell air compressor in 2017. The core technology has independent intellectual property rights, and we will achieve batch production and mass vehicle in 2019. At present, we produce the air compressor has covered 30-150 kw system, We have established stable cooperative relations with many system integrators and OEMs at home and abroad, and our products have been successfully applied to various types of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. With excellent quality and good supporting services, we have won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad.



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