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Policy Support for Foreign Investment



一、Encourage major industrial enterprises to cooperate with colleges and universities, research institutes, enterprises and financial institutions (e.g. banks) in and beyond the province to establish coordinated innovation organizations (e.g. industrial technological innovation strategic alliance, with technical standards and patent licensing as ties) by employing the market mechanism. An appropriate amount of operation outlay allowances will be granted to such alliances with standardized operation and outstanding effects, allow them to participate as project organizers in the construction of provincial key scientific and technological projects and major scientific and technological demonstration projects .

二、For domestic and overseas high-level leading talents who bring technologies, achievements and projects to Hebei Province for scientific and technological achievement transformation programs, together with their innovative entrepreneurship teams,those qualified among them will be covered into “Giant Program”, “Hundred Talents Program”, “High-tech Elites” and “Double-Hundred and Double-Thousand” Advancement Program (i.e. “100 Innovative Entrepreneurship Teams, 100 Academician Working Stations, 1,000 High-tech Elites and 1,000 High-tech Special Commissioners”) and will be granted the project support fund of 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 Yuan by provincial and municipal governments at certain proportion as appropriate.

三、The home-buying allowance, settling-in allowance and research start-up outlay of introduced high-level and high-proficiency talents are allowed to be deducted before payment of enterprise income tax. Enterprises that employ high-level and high-proficiency talents or innovation teams and make significant contributions to local economic and social development will be awarded by related municipal or county governments.

四、Relax the conditions of obtaining Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit for foreign experts working in Hebei. Foreign experts, who win “Yanzhao Friendship Prize for Foreign Expert in Hebei Province” or get listed in “Hundred Talent Program for Foreign Experts” or implement national and provincial key talent introduction projects, together with their foreign spouses and children under age of 18, can apply for permanent residence. Foreign high-level talents with Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit are treated as equal as Chinese citizens in founding high-tech enterprises and other innovation activities.

五、Encourage transnational and world-known research institutes to set up independent R&D organizations in Hebei Province, cooperate with colleges and universities, research institutes and high-tech enterprises in Hebei to co-establish joint laboratories or joint R&D centers and international technology cooperation platforms and bases, with provincial recognition and operation outlay subsidy granted with priority. For Hebei enterprises which set up, establish or purchase R&D institutes overseas, the provincial financial department will subsidize 10% of their actual investment in current year, with the maximum of 5 million Yuan.

六、Support domestic and overseas colleges and universities and research institutes to establish independent legal-entity affiliated agencies, R&D organizations, technology transfer and incubation organs in Hebei, and enjoy the various preferential policies. Significant projects of industrialization to be implemented in Hebei for technologies and achievements brought by domestic and overseas colleges and universities and research institutes may be subject to “case-by-case deliberation”, given priority to settlement in provincial-above High-tech Development Zones and Development Zones, arranged with land for construction and listed into the provincial high-tech program for key support.

七、Encourage overseas human resource service enterprises to set up cooperative or joint ventures enterprises in Hebei, with the foreign investment shareholding ratio of joint ventures to be relaxed up to 70%; service suppliers from Hong Kong and Macao may establish solely-funded Human Resource service enterprises in Hebei Province according to relevant regulations.

八、Allow foreign education institutions to cooperate with Chinese counterparts in school-running. Through cooperating with existing Chinese education institutions, foreign education institutions can offer vocational skill training programs whose majors (professions and kinds of work) and courses should be mainly Chinese citizen-oriented. The treatment of public welfare enterprise is given to “Sino-foreign cooperative school-running and Sino-foreign cooperative implementation of vocational skill training”.


Technological Transformation


一、Scope of Fund Support

Financial support will focus on upgrading the industry chains such as high-end equipment, next-generation information technology, bio-manufacturing, new materials, advanced energy-saving and environment protection, new energy, future industry, steel, petro-chemical, textiles and garments, encouraging the related enterprises to carry out project construction concerning innovation platform, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, service manufacturing and high-end industry by way of improving technology, techniques,equipment, products and management.


二、Ways of Financial Support

1、Investment subsidies. For key technical renovation projects complying with the priorities of annual expenditure and the rules of fund management, which also play a leading role in the industrial transformation and upgrading of the whole province, a certain proportion of subsidies will be given based on their fixed assets investment such as equipment purchase.

2、Equity guidance fund. Support the traditional industries of the province in moving towards the middle and high ends to realize a development pattern featuring high ends, industrial chains, intelligence and eco-friendliness; support the development of smart manufacturing, internet plus collaborative manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing and green manufacturing; support the traditional enterprises of steel, building materials, light industry and textile industry to improve the level of design, technology, equipment, energy efficiency and so on; support the development of production service enterprises and the cultivation of new models and types of business.


Talent Introduction


Implement the strategy of coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin- Hebei Region to create new ways in introducing and gathering talents, implement more open policies in introducing innovative talents, establish a talents demand forecast and adjustment mechanism adapting to economic and social development and put into force a system of dynamic catalogue for professionals in urgent need and short supply.


一、To Implement the “Hundred Talents Program”

1、For overseas high-level talents introduced to Hebei,the Provincial Finance Authority will grant a subsidy of 1 million Yuan per person while the related departments and localities provide other auxiliary supports.

2、Overseas high-level talents introduced will enjoy a negotiated salary, beyond the limits of the employers’ total salary and research outlay cost; and those with outstanding contributions may be subject to medium-and long-term incentive measures like option, equity and enterprise annuity.

3、Overseas high-level talents who intend to settle in China can obtain the Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit,together with their foreign spouses and children under age 18 at the same time; those who apply to join or restore Chinese nationality can have the corresponding formalities handled in time; overseas high-level talents as well as their foreign spouses and children under age 18, who have not yet obtained the Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit but in need of multiple entries and exits, may apply for Foreigner’s Residence Permit or Visitor Visa of 2–5 years; and those with Chinese citizenship may choose to settle in any city in Hebei.

4、Provide social security. Distinguished experts and their spouses and minor children, can participate in basic pension, basic medical, employment injury insurance by the rule of Hebei province. They can have same rights with local staff and local resident in insurance payment, transfer of social insurance, and enjoy the social insurance benefits, etc. Specially invite expert can have the same medical treatment with excellent expert.

5、 Solution the housing in time. Distinguished experts no matter where they from, can refer to the local residents purchase policy, can buy the commodity housing for themselves. Employing unit can give them some purchase subsidies or provide rental subsidies. All place can build apartment for distinguished experts.

6、Arrange the spouse and children. The employer will arrange the work for accompanying spouse of expert. Local government will arrange them if the employer can’t completed. The employer will grant the living allowance for them on average in wages. Distinguished experts for their children and nursery school, compulsory education transfer procedures, by the employer to the administrative departments of education where coordination arrangements to attend the administrative area of public kindergarten or public compulsory education schools.

7、Innovation and entrepreneurship bases will be set up in enterprises and institutions and returned overseas students startup parks where introduced overseas high-level talents are fairly concentrated; high-level talents introduced from overseas are entitled to full autonomy in employment and project outlay allocations when implementing projects or forming work teams.

8、Overseas high-level talents who are listed into national and provincial introduction programs, are not restricted by the extra employment quota and total salary; they can be employed to serve as middle-above leaders in enterprises and institutions (except for those where foreigners act as legal representatives) or directly appointed with professional technical positions of corresponding levels, beyond the limits of duration of service and structure or proportion of professional technical jobs in-house; and, overseas high-level talents introduced may directly apply for expert appraisal of various kinds.

二、To Implement “Giant Program”

1、For innovation and entrepreneurship teams and leading talents in the “Giant Program”, the Provincial Finance offers an innovation and entrepreneurship support fund of 2 million Yuan and the related localities will provide corresponding auxiliary fund support; enterprises or R&D institutions will be rewarded by a certain proportion of the local financial revenue deriving from their business income tax within three years after they are appraised as “Giants”; qualified products produced by these enterprises will be procured by the governments on preferential terms; for leading talents and backbone team members with an annual salary of 100,000 Yuan above, the local financial revenue deriving from their personal income tax will be returned to them as a reward for three years.

2、Leading talents in the “Giant Program” are entitled to adequate rights to independent employment and project outlay allocation. An objective-oriented project management will be implemented, with outlays and expenditures to be determined by themselves in accordance with the regulations on technology outlay use.

3、Preferential support will be given to enterprises or R&D institutions in “Giant Program” in terms of government fund, direct financing and bank loan; priority will be given to supporting the industrialization projects of technological enterprises, high-tech enterprise or R&D institutions conforming to the appraisal scope or bearing the characteristics of “Giant”, intensifying support to their law-based direct financing while granting concessional bank loans to those conforming to the basic conditions.

4、When identifying plans of key research projects, major industrial projects and key engineering projects, the provincial functional departments will give priority to the innovation and entrepreneurship teams appraised as “Giants”; and offer major support to them in project proposal and approval, outlay funding and achievement commercialization.

5、For leading talents and core members of the innovation and entrepreneurship teams in the “Giant Program”, if they have no houses to live currently, the project locality will offer a temporary house of 100m2 or so, with the rental allowances to be granted by the finance for three years; for those working in the 14 counties(districts) around Beijing, if they have no houses of their own, a transitional house of 100m2 or so will be provided for three years for free and the employment, schooling,settlement, medical care concerning their spouses and children will be properly arranged for.

三、To Implement the" Hundred Foreign Experts Program"

1、For foreign experts introduced by the " Hundred Foreign Experts Program", an amount of not more than 1 million yuan of settlement fee will be granted to those engaged in long-term projects and not more than 500,000 yuan to those engaged in short-term projects. In line with actual conditions, the employer unit may provide a R&D subsidy to foreign experts engaged in scientific research, basic research in particular, an amount of not more than 1 million yuan for those engaged in long-term projects and not more than 500, 000 yuan for short-term projects.

2、Foreign experts involved in the "Hundred Foreign Experts Program" will enjoy priority in being recommended to participate in the “Hebei Friendship Award " and " National Friendship Award" selections. The certificates of awards will be presented to the winners, respectively by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the provincial government.

3、Experts involved in the "Hundred Foreign Experts Program" will enjoy priority in being selected as applicants for experts of the National Thousand Talents Program.






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