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Communications and Satellite Navigation, Advanced Displays and Applied Electronics


Fields for Cooperation:

R&D and Industrialization of gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC), functional ceramics, navigation and communications chips, high-end crystal oscillator and optical communication devices. IoT equipment manufacturing, such as embedded chips, RFID, intelligent sensors and network equipment. IoT operation and service platform building. BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) applications in smart city, transport, health care and elderly care, etc. Next-generation network equipment R&D and manufacturing, including 5G and IPv6. High-end sensors, new routers, stored program control (SPC) exchange, communications terminals, etc. New-generation display materials, such as TFT-LCD materials, glass substrates, photoresists and polarizers. AMOLED displays. Gen 8.5 or above large-szi eglass substrates, Gen 6 or above masks, high-end sputtering targets and IC chips. Smart display terminals, such as smartphones and smart TVs. Pioneering display technology R&D, such as laser displays, holographic displays and flexible displays. Electronic product developments and applications, including industrial electronics, medical electronics, automobile electronics, power electronics, financial electronics, aviation electronics, security electronics, etc. Communication terminal products, electronic devices, wearable devices, audiovisual products, computers and displays.





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