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High-End CNC Machine Tools and Its Parts, CNC Equipment, Robots and Robot Parts, Additive Manufacturing


Fields for Cooperation:

Efficient, sophisticated and intelligent high-end CNC machine tools that feature metal cutting, special machining, precision forming machining, multi-axis machining and network communication. The development and industrialization of high-end CNC machine tool components and CNC equipment. Core components and key technologies, such as retarders, servo motors, controllers and sensors. Industrial robots for various tasks, such as welding, painting, assembly, stacking, pick and place, cleaning. Specialized robots, such as space robots, marine robots, polar robots, firefighting robots and in-pipe robots. Intelligent carriers, such as cosumer drones and commercial drones, unmanned surface vehicles (USV). Robots that can provide various services, such as medical and rehabilitation services, professional services, public services or personal services. A new generation of intelligent robots, such as industrial robots with fully automatic programming feature, cobots and dual-arm robots. Additive manufacturing (3D printing), “3D printing+medicine”, “3D printing+cultural innovations”, “3D printing+innovative education”, “3D printing+the Internet”.





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