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Achieve Cooperation Online Through Eight Thematic Matchmaking Seminars
Release Date : 2020-05-16     Article Source : Hebei News

The net holds us a bit closer. The opening of this year's online "5·18" Economic and Trade Fair will soon be held, with various activities being carried out online as the biggest feature. Being of great importance, 8 thematic matchmaking seminars will also be carried out by live broadcast, live recording, and teleconferencing. The docking parties will display development results, release cooperation needs, carry on interactive communication and engagement, and facilitate the signing of projects in the "cloud", using information technology to break geographical space restrictions, link the world through the Internet, and achieve a non-differentiated participation experience.

In order to achieve the best effect of online docking, eight thematic matchmaking seminars will set up video conference room in Langfang, according to the content and guests invitation situation. They each will organizes branch venues out of the province, adopts the multi-party video conference pattern to carry out interactive negotiation, and organizes key parks and key enterprises of the province to attend the fair online. Video playbacks are available on "5 · 18" official website.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Global E-commerce Cooperation Online Matchmaking Seminar will set up main venue in Langfang, and will set up branch venues in China International Electronic Commerce Center, Embassy in China, e-commerce enterprises in Beijing, carrying out on-site dialogue through the form of video conferencing. With the theme of the new mode of global business development cooperation under the background of epidemic situation, the meeting will focus on local industrial development needs, promote industrial development advantages and policies, release cooperation needs, further improve the quality and level of cross-border e-commerce development in Hebei.

In the medical treatment of COVID-19, the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine has become a major feature. What are the latest achievements in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, how to strengthen cooperation in the modernization and industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine between Hebei-Guangdong-Macau, how Hebei, as a major province of traditional Chinese medicine, goes further to the world and other hot topics have attracted more and more attention. These will also become highlights of Hebei-Guangdong-Macau TCM Cooperation and Exchange Video Fair.

Carrying out “one-to-one” and “one to many” interactive communication and negotiation in the form of “leading broadcast room + multi-point access”, Matchmaking for Purchase of Distinctive Agricultural Products & Machinery in Hebei invites experts, enterprises and purchasers of many agricultural industries to attend the meeting online. Hebei Liyuan Food, Jize County World Red Capsicum Co., Ltd., Hebei Kaute Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. and other provincial enterprises will promote and sign online.

The 3rd Biomass Energy Industry Development Cooperation Seminar will be held online, communicating about the development and utilization of biomass energy, the development of circular economy, and the construction of beautiful villages.

The 2nd Matchmaking for Commercialization of International Innovative Technologies will launch a batch of overseas projects with the cooperation condition to carry on the online roadshow. Hebei International Technology Express -- Digital Technology Achievements Release and Project Roadshow will release of a batch of foreign advanced technology achievements. The two activities will promote the commercialization of international scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province by building a multi-party docking and coordination platform of "supply, demand and service" for the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.

Matchmaking Seminar on the Construction of Universities of Applied Science will set video conference room, and organize 7 “University-University” online negotiations to promote cooperation between universities of our province and overseas universities of applied technology.

During International Business Associations Roundtable and Member Enterprises Matchmaking Seminars, participants will explore the cooperation of international business associations under the background of post epidemic situation by video connection. It will also promote industrial situation and foreign cooperation needs of Hebei Province, and promote trade and investment cooperation between our province and countries along "the Belt and Road", and developed countries or regions.





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