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Seven Major Exhibitions Move to the Internet, Bringing New Experience of Online Pavilion
Release Date : 2020-05-18     Article Source : Hebei News

VR, AR digital technology, 3 D virtual roaming, 720 degree panoramic view... This year's online "5 ·18" fair, seven major trade exhibition activities have all established online virtual pavilions, which will bring people a new exhibition experience.

The online virtual pavilion is displayed in the form of VR, 3D, video, pictures, etc., and can be browsed by touch operation. Product can be watched in detail and be introduced through voice broadcast. It is also equipped with a virtual exhibition hall navigation map, enabling audiences to intuitively understand the location of the entire exhibition hall. Click on the marked point of the booth to obtain product information, related links and contact information, so as to achieve interactive docking between exhibitors and buyers. Besides, with the advantage of the opening of the Internet virtual space, the online virtual pavilion will be displayed on the official website of the "5·18" Economic and Trade Fair all the year round.

The Winter Olympic Ice and Snow Industry Exhibition mainly shows the progress and effectiveness of Hebei’s implementation the concepts of "four Olympics", high-quality and efficient implementation of the Winter Olympics venues, related infrastructure construction and other planning tasks, as well as the ice and snow industry enterprises, products and technology that have settled in Zhangjiakou. 

The 2nd Hebei International Sister Cities (Provinces, States) Exhibition is divided into three sections: International Sister Cities (Provinces, States) List, Sister Provinces, and Sister Cities. It focuses on displaying the characteristics and highlights of international sister city's humanistic history, development planning, characteristic industry and cooperation projects, and promoting the high quality development of international sister city communication in Hebei Province.

With the theme of "Innovation Leading, Future City -- With Future Wisdom, Creating a High-Quality Development 'Model City'", Xiong'an New Area Exhibition planed and organized exhibition areas such as Xiong'an Image, Six Industries, Smart City Construction, etc, displaying Xiong'an's development advantages, innovation achievements of enterprises entering the zone, and exploration of smart city technology applications, etc., and enhancing the image of Xiong'an as a "model city" for high-quality development.

As one of the highlights of this Economic and Trade Fair, the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Exhibition takes cities (including Dingzhou and Xinji) as exhibition units and organizes 13 exhibition areas, focusing on the fields of large data and Internet of Things, advanced information technology, artificial intelligence equipment, new energy technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, etc., and selecting local representative advantageous industrial enterprises to participate.

The Exhibition on Quality Agricultural Products and Machinery, sponsored by Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei Province, Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, focuses on high-quality export agricultural products and machinery such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits in Hebei Province. The purpose of business visits and negotiations is to strive to reach a batch of trade orders through the combination of exhibition and sales, and trade promotion through exhibition.

Focusing on the airport technology innovation industrial cluster, aviation service guarantee cluster, airport high-end service cluster and aviation logistics cluster in the airport economic zone, the Airport Economy Industry Exhibition attracts the world's top 500 companies, including the aviation industry group, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, and the well-known foreign company United States Textron Aviation Group, Dutch Star Airlines Group and other 45 key companies to participate in the exhibition. This year's Airport Economy Industry Exhibition will not only build a virtual pavilion on the Internet, but also open live channel for exhibitors on multiple live broadcast platforms. Exhibitors can directly click to enter in the online exhibition hall to carry out “one-to-one” and “one to many” interactive communication and negotiation. 

The Intelligent Industrial Products Exhibition focuses on domestic and international technological innovations and product technologies in the field of advanced equipment, focusing on the display of industry-leading products such as intelligent manufacturing, precision processing molding equipment, machinery and complete sets of equipment. Here, you can feel the charm of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G technology and industrial Internet up close, and you can also watch a robot feast. Various industrial robots, service robots, and logistics robots will be unveiled. In addition, the exhibited smart cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned special equipment, etc. will also delight visitors.





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