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Significant Achievements Have Been Made in the Signing of the Key Cooperation Project in Langfang City
Release Date : 2020-05-25     Article Source :

Project signing is the top priority of the "5·18" International Economic and Trade Fair. At this year's "5·18" fair, the signing ceremony of key cooperation projects in Hebei Province and the signing ceremony of key cooperation projects in Langfang City were respectively held. With the full use of information technology, the "main venue + investor video link" was adopted to strengthen Internet thinking, innovate the mode of running meetings, and expand the new path of online investment promotion projects landing.

On the afternoon of May 18, there were 21 projects in the signing ceremony of key cooperative projects (cloud) in Langfang City, of which 7 were foreign-funded projects with a total investment of US $1.13 billion and an agreed utilization of foreign capital of US $936 million; 14 were domestic-funded projects with a total investment of 42.73 billion yuan and 38.48 billion yuan were use of domestic capital by agreement.

The head of relevant department of Langfang City said that in the next step, they will actively do a good job in follow-up services of the contracted projects, adhere to the purpose of "everything makes way for the project and all serve the enterprise", optimize the resource allocation, and ensures elements following the project to provide the best quality services for project construction, create the best development environment for enterprises, and promote the contracted projects to fulfill the contract as soon as possible -- start early, complete early, get production early, and achieve early results.





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