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400 Kilometers Per Hour! Cross-border Interconnection High-speed EMU came Off the Assembly Line in Tangshan, Hebei
Release Date : 2020-11-17     Article Source : Hebei News

On October 21, China's cross-border interconnection high-speed EMU with the speed of 400 km/h came off the assembly line at CRRC Tangshan Co. Ltd.

According to introduction, the EMU adopts the world’s first 400 km/h high-speed variable gauge bogie and built-in axle box bogie, which can realize automatic track change on different railway gauge lines in Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries and continuous operation at a speed of 400km/h in low and high temperature environments from 25℃ to 50℃. Since the EMU has the characteristics of high speed, low energy consumption, good comfort, and strong environmental adaptability, it can meet the requirements of different countries' gauges, different power supply systems and different operating environments, and provides a strong technical support for the implementation of Chinese railway’s  "going out" and "transportation power" strategy.





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