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China Mobile 5G Smart Steel National Seminar Held in Zhengding, Hebei
Release Date : 2020-11-17     Article Source : Hebei News

On October 20th, China Mobile 5G Smart Steel National Seminar and "Oven Plan" was held in Zhengding, Hebei. About 500 people attended the meeting, including important steel customers and relevant leaders of mobile companies from 12 provinces across the country, leaders from the industry and information bureaus of the cities in Hebei Province, and industrial partners from Huawei, ZTE, etc. The conference focused on 5G smart steel exchanges and jointly discussed 5G's contribution to the digital transformation and development of the steel industry. China Mobile officially launched the 5G Smart Steel "Oven Plan" at the meeting.

The steel industry is a pillar industry in Hebei Province, but the low degree of informatization is an important factor restricting the further high-quality development of the steel industry at this stage. Xu Kehua, deputy director of Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, put forward that he hope Hebei Mobile Communication Co.,Ltd. can continue to cultivate in the 5G smart steel industry, strengthen industry guidance, provide good service guarantees, and cultivate the soil for digital transformation of the steel industry, and take the lead in building our country’s "model room" of "smart steel" construction.





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