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"Cloud Exhibition" of "5·18" Economic and Trade Fair Opens up "Sky Road" of International Trade
Release Date : 2021-05-29     Article Source : Hebei News

Following“5·18” Langfang Economic and Trade Fair held online in 2020 for the first time, and all trade shows on the “cloud”, “5·18” Langfang Economic and Trade Fair in 2021 continued to use new internet technologies to realize three-dimensional exhibition display through the organic integration of virtual exhibition and entity exhibition, and strived to build a high-quality "cloud" international trade promotion platform.

This conference hosted 6 virtual exhibitions including the 4th Xiong’an New Area Exhibition, the 3rd Airport Economy Industry Exhibition, the 5th Exhibition on Winter Olympic Ice and Snow Industry, Key Industrial Chain Exhibition, the 2nd Intelligent Industrial Products Exhibition, Hebei Export Commodity Exhibition, etc. , organizing Hebei's representative advantageous industrial enterprises, industry leaders, invisible champion enterprises, and characteristic industrial enterprises to participate in the exhibitions, and using three-dimensional virtual simulation, multimedia, human-computer interaction and other technologies to achieve 720-degree panoramic display and 24-hour and 365-day browsing online, combined with the establishment of a live broadcast room for exhibitors, and a new online negotiation function, to provide customers with an immersive and never-ending on-site visit to the on-site exhibition experience, and the "combination of exhibition and negotiation, promotion by exhibition" function has got a brand new upgrade. At that time, exhibitors with abundant buyer resources around the world participated in online exhibitions. Through precise matching of businessmen and in-depth matchmaking negotiations, more international trade transactions were promoted, which empowers Hebei to expand the scale of foreign trade and accelerates the transformation of foreign trade development.





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