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High-End Equipement Manufacturing

General Aviation EquipmentEngineering and Specialized EquipmentFields for Cooperation:Aviation equipment, such as fixed ...

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AI and Intelligent Equipment

High-End CNC Machine Tools and Its Parts, CNC Equipment, Robotsand Robot Parts, Additive ManufacturingFields for Coopera...

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Communications and Satellite Navigation,Advanced Displays and AppliedElectronicsFields for Cooperation:RD and Industrial...

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Big Data and IoT

Fields for Cooperation:Big data technology RD, covering data collection, data transmission, data storage, data mining, d...

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Biomedicine and Healthcare

Biotech Medicines, High-End Chemical Medicines,High-Quality TCM Medicines, High-End MedicalAppliances, Assistive Product...

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New Materials

Advanced Basic Materials, Key Strategic Materials, Pioneering New MaterialsFields for Cooperation:Steel used for basic c...

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Advanced Energy-Efficent and Eco-Friendly Products

Advanced Energy-Efficient Equipment, Advanced Eco-Friendly Equipment,New Eco-Friendly Construction MaterialsFields for C...

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New Energy and Smart Grids

PV Solar Energy , Wind Power, Power Transmission and Transformers, Nuclear Energy and Hydrogen EnergyFields for Cooperat...

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