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Project Name City
Project of Modern Agricultural Park Hengshui
Project of Meikeduo Food Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Zunhua City, Tangshan Tangshan
Project of Chestnut Production and Chestnut Wine Deep Processing in Qinglong County, Qinhuangda... Qinhuangdao
Project of Lulong County Agricultural Products Processing Base in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Provi... Qinhuangdao
The Production Project of Nutritional & Functional Health Care Beverage of Edible Fungi with an... Chengde
Project of Biological Medicine Industrial Park Hengshui
Project of Modern Food Industrial Base Hengshui
Project of Smart Home Industrial Park Hengshui
Project of Shenheshengji Circular Economy Green Industry in Shunping County, Baoding Baoding
Project of Qingyuan Sino-Japanese Circular Economy Industrial Demonstration Park in Baoding Baoding
Project of Zhongguancun Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Baoding National-level Hig... Baoding
Project of Qianxi Remanufacturing Industry Park, Hebei Ruizhao Laser Remanufacturing Technology... Tangshan
Project of Ship Industrial Park (Phase I) in Qinhuangdao Port Economic Development Zone, Hebei ... Qinhuangdao
Project of International Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Bonded Zo... Shijiazhuang
Project of International Biomedical Industrial Park, Hebei Changtai Construction Development Gr... Shijiazhuang
Project of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Resin Composite Materials. Hengshui
Project of Sensor R&D and Production Base in Cangzhou Bohai New Area. Cangzhou
Project of Baoding Gaobeidian Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Life Smart Port Phase I Baoding
Project of Tangshan Hangu E-commerce Logistics Distribution Base Tangshan
Project of Bonded Logistics Centre in Changli Airport Industrial Park in Qinhuangdao City, Hebe... Qinhuangdao
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