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Project Name City
Zhangjiakou City Shangyi County National Sub-Plateau Sports Training Base Project Introduction Shijiazhuang
Chongli Gift Cultural and Creative Product Project Zhangjiakou
Yangyuan County National Fur Industry Demonstration Base Construction Project Zhangjiakou
Yangyuan County Traditional Industries Engineering Project Zhangjiakou
Yangyuan County Aviation Flight Industrial Park Project Zhangjiakou
"Future City" Headquarters Economy Project in Yangyuan County Economic Development Zone Zhangjiakou
Electric vehicle charging pile production project in Xiahuayuan District Zhangjiakou
Sewage treatment plant project in Yuxian Economic Development Zone Zhangjiakou
Yuxian Solartech industry incubator Phase III Zhangjiakou
Yuxian Peng Hui commercial complex project Zhangjiakou
Wanquan District Youwei City Project Zhangjiakou
Wanquan District 8 02 National Defense Education Base Project Zhangjiakou
Siberia town and aviation industrial park project cum UAV Zhangjiakou
Zhuolu County to build the future Science and Technology Park project Zhangjiakou
Zhuolu County Construction Robot Technology Industrial Park Project Zhangjiakou
Qiaodong District Express Logistics Park Project Zhangjiakou
Construction project of Jutong high-performance fuel cell stack production base in Qiaodong Dis... Zhangjiakou
Huailai County Information Technology Industry Cluster Project Zhangjiakou
Huaian County Digital Smart Supply Chain Industrial Park Project Zhangjiakou
Huai'an County UAV Training and Drill Base Project Zhangjiakou
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