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Project Briefing: Attract investment project
Project Name: Project of Modern Food Industrial Base
City: Hengshui
Industry: Modern Agriculture
Project Briefing: The planning area is 5.57 km². Relying on the abundant agricultural resources, regional advantages and industrial base advantages, with Yangyuan Group, Laobaigan, COFCO, Huiyuan and Yurun as the leading enterprises, the project will focus on the development of biological fermentation industry, fruit and vegetable and plant protein processing, meat product processing, and grain and oil deep processing industry, etc.
Opportunities & Favorable Conditions: The project is located in Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone and is 8 km away from the city centre and 8.5 km away from Hengshui Railway Station, with convenient transportation. The construction site of the project is provided with “nine connections and one levelling” of water, electricity, road, communication, etc. as well as complete infrastructure, which can fully meet the construction demands of the project.
Market Analysis: Food industry has always played a decisive role in the world economy. In France, the total output value of the food industry has exceeded that of the automobile industry, ranking first in the national economy. Since reform and opening-up, China’s food industry has been developed greatly, and the total output value of the industry has been increasing by more than 10% annually, with great market potential.
Evaluation of Economic Benefit: It is expected that by 2020, the sales revenue of food processing industrial base will reach USD 7,414.88 million; the regional GDP will reach USD 2,595.21 million, and the fiscal revenue will reach USD 370,740,000.
Investment Mode: Joint venture and cooperation
Released by: Hebei Development and Reform Commission
Release Time: May 9,2020
Total Investment & Expected
Foreign Capital:
The total estimated investment of the project is USD 1.483 billion and USD 1.25 billion of foreign investment is intended to be used.
Project Description: Hebei Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the northeast of the main urban area of Hengshui City, with the total planning area of 128 km?. It is the most dynamic economic growth point in the city, focuses on the construction of “One valley and six industries”, i.e., Hengshui Technology Valley, food industry, clothing industry, new functional materials industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, medicine industry, and modern service industry. The high-tech zone has complete supporting infrastructures and has fully achieved “ten connections and one levelling” of roads, tap water, electricity, communication, heat supply, gas, drainage, greening, lighting, cable TV and land levelling. It is provided with complete supporting service facilities for finance, hospitals, schools, entertainment, etc.

Contact Information

Project Unit: Hebei Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau
Contact Person: Yin Haijun (Deputy Bureau Director)
Tel number: 0318-2688299

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