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Project Briefing: Attract investment project
Project Name: Project of Biological Medicine Industrial Park
City: Hengshui
Industry: 0
Project Briefing: The planning area is 4.92 m². Jiheng Pharmaceutical, Sun Flower and other major enterprises are considered as the subjects to connect with Beijing and Tianjin, build Jiheng medical industrial park and mainly introduce and build the biopharmaceuticals and major bio-innovative drug varieties processing and Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang industry supporting project.
Opportunities & Favorable Conditions: The project is located in Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone and is 8 km away from the city centre and 8.5 km away from Hengshui Railway Station, with convenient transportation. The construction site of the project is provided with “four connections and one levelling” of water, electricity, road, communication, etc. as well as complete infrastructure, which can fully meet the construction demands of the project.
Market Analysis: With respect to biopharmaceuticals, the average annual growth rate of biotech drugs in China will not be less than 25% in the future, as predicted by relevant departments. The market potential of China’s bio-pharmaceutical industry is very attracting; the market enlargement speed is fast, and the development prospect is very broad.
Evaluation of Economic Benefit: The annual profit rate is expected to reach 25%, and the project investment payoff period (including the construction period) is 6 years.
Investment Mode: Joint venture and cooperation.
Released by: Hebei Development and Reform Commission
Release Time: May 9,2020
Total Investment & Expected
Foreign Capital:
The total estimated investment of the project is USD 578 million and USD 350 million of foreign investment is intended to be used.
Project Description: Hebei Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the northeast of the main urban area of Hengshui City, with the total planning area of 128 km?. It is the most dynamic economic growth point in the city, focuses on the construction of “One valley and six industries”, i.e., Hengshui Technology Valley, food industry, clothing industry, new functional materials industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, medicine industry, and modern service industry. The high-tech zone has complete supporting infrastructures and has fully achieved “ten connections and one levelling” of roads, tap water, electricity, communication, heat supply, gas, drainage, greening, lighting, cable TV and land levelling.

Contact Information

Project Unit: Hebei Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Contact Person: Yin Haijun (Deputy Director)
Tel number: 0318-2688299



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