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Project Briefing: Attract investment project
Project Name: Project of Modern Agricultural Park
City: Hengshui
Industry: Modern Agriculture
Project Briefing: The project mainly constructs comprehensive and high-quality leisure resorts, such as a red education base, a sakura plantation, Dongping ginkgo begonia garden, Jinshu colourful nursery-grown plant garden, Lv’an fruit picking garden, Pingyuan animal husbandry appreciation garden, parent-child leisure park, agricultural and sideline products processing park.
Opportunities & Favorable Conditions: Beizhanghuai Modern Agricultural Park has been identified by Hengshui as a municipal modern agriculture park in Hengshui and is included in the provincial level “Tourism +” comprehensive development project. The red education base, rural cotton cultural park, Jizhou District Runyuan sakura plantation, Dongping ginkgo begonia garden, Jinshu colorful nursery-grown plant garden, Lv’an fruit picking garden and Pingyuan animal husbandry appreciation garden in the park have been initially constructed. The park has complete construction conditions, such as roads, water and electricity.
Market Analysis: With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more people want to return to nature, appreciate the idyllic scenery, taste green food and participate in interested farming. Agricultural sightseeing and agricultural tourism, which increase scientific knowledge in the process of recreation, came into being and developed rapidly.
Evaluation of Economic Benefit: Create a dazzling tourist destination in coordinated development pattern of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, starting with the number of tourists of 300,000 person-time/ year per park. It is expected that the number of tourists will be 2 million person-time/ year with the annual total revenue of tourism of USD 70.59 million by 2025.
Investment Mode: Cooperation
Released by: Hebei Development and Reform Commission
Release Time: May 9,2020
Total Investment & Expected
Foreign Capital:
The total estimated investment of the project is USD 294 million and USD 265 million of foreign investment is intended to be used.
Project Description: The People’s Government of Beizhanghuai Township of Jizhou District is mainly responsible for formulating and organizing the implementation of economic, technological and social development plans, formulating the scheme for resources development, technical transformation and industrial structure adjustment, organizing and guiding the production of all industries, doing well in commodity circulation, coordinating the economic exchange and cooperation between the township and outside areas properly, doing well in the development of investment promotion and talent introduction, constantly cultivating market system, organizing economic operation and promoting economic development.

Contact Information

Project Unit: The People’s Government of Beizhanghuai Township of Jizhou District
Contact Person: Chen Hengchang Director
Tel number: 13231834218



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