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Project Briefing: Attract investment project
Project Name: Electric vehicle charging pile production project in Xiahuayuan District
City: Zhangjiakou
Industry: New Energy Vehicles and Smart Connected Vehicles
Project Briefing: The project is planned to cover an area of 300 mu. Two new production workshops of 30,000 square meters, one warehouse of 10,000 square meters, office buildings and supporting facilities will be built. After completion, it is planned to produce 50,000 electric vehicle charging piles per year.
Opportunities & Favorable Conditions: The project is planned to be located in Yudaishan Economic Development Zone, Xiahuayuan District, 60 kilometers southeast of the main urban area of Zhangjiakou City, and 127 kilometers northwest of the capital Beijing. It is 3.2 kilometers away from the Xiahuayuan Exit of G6 Expressway in the north, 1.5 kilometers away from Xiahuayuan Station of Beijing-Baotou Railway, 2.8 kilometers away from the G7 Expressway Exit in the southwest, and 4.3 kilometers away from Zhangzhuo Expressway. The transportation is convenient. The development zone is built on the ruins of an idle and abandoned mining area after the bankruptcy of the original Xiahuayuan Coal Mine was rebuilt in another place. Most of the land in the mining area is construction land approved by the state. Infrastructures such as communications, water, electricity, etc. are complete, and labor is sufficient. Coinciding with the favorable opportunity that Zhangjiakou City is building a renewable energy demonstration zone, the market prospects for the electric vehicle charging pile production project are very broad.
Market Analysis: As a kind of green transportation, electric vehicles will be popularized very rapidly in the future. Charging piles are an important supporting infrastructure necessary for the development of electric vehicles. Its function is similar to a gas dispenser in a gas station. It can charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels . The future market prospects are broad.
Evaluation of Economic Benefit: After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual sales income will reach 80 million yuan. At the same time, it can enjoy various national energy-saving subsidies, and the investment recovery period is 4-5 years.
Investment Mode: Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.
Released by: Zhangjiakou Bureau of Commerce
Release Time: May,14 2021
Total Investment & Expected
Foreign Capital:
The total investment of the project is 300 million yuan , all of which are planned to be introduced .
Project Description:

Contact Information

Project Unit: Economic Development Zone, Xiahuayuan District
Contact Person: Liang Haitao
Tel number: 0313-7937789

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