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Project Briefing: Attract investment project
Project Name: Zhangjiakou City Shangyi County National Sub-Plateau Sports Training Base Project Introduction
City: Shijiazhuang
Industry: High-End Equipement Manufacturing
Project Briefing: The project is temporarily selected Manjing Town, Shangyi County, Zhangjiakou City as the project site, which is located at the east end of Shangyi County, with an altitude of 1555 meters. It is 83 kilometers east from Zhangjiakou City, 27 kilometers west from Shangyi County, and 3 kilometers away from kangleng Exit of Beijing-Shangyi Expressway. There are no factories and large villages around. The place is vast and sparsely populated. It is a rare and pure place in the two-hour capital's economic circle, it is also the best environment for athlete’s rapid recovery from physical fitness, close training and promotion. The first phase of the project covers an area of 500 mu, including training area and living area. The training area includes 20 turf football fields (with two track-and-field fields), 5 multi-functional sports complex that looks like the five interlocked rings, training center, conference center, etc. The living area includes apartment for 2000 athletes, athlete restaurants, swimming pools, libraries, medical rooms and other supporting living facilities.
Opportunities & Favorable Conditions: the base covers a total area of 1273 mu, while the first phase covers an area of about 500 mu. It is planned to build 20 standard football training venues and 5 ice sports training centers ( use as comprehensive training centers during summer) to become the largest ice sports training base in China.
Market Analysis: To train 10,000 athletes / year, to attract 400,000 tourists / year, to host 20 events / year; the gross profit is 250 million RMB / year, net profit is 50 million RMB / year, the cost recovery is expected in 6 years.
Evaluation of Economic Benefit:
Investment Mode:
Released by: Zhangjiakou Bureau of Commerce
Release Time: May,16 2021
Total Investment & Expected
Foreign Capital:
The first phase investment is about RMB 300 million, and the capital to be introduced is RMB 300million.
Project Description: Bureau of education, sports, science and technology of Shangyi County

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Project Unit:
Contact Person: Peilin Xi
Tel number: 18614038886

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